The Cooperation Programme INTERREG V-A GREECE-BULGARIA 2014-2020 is pleased to announce the 5th Call for projects proposals «Grant scheme for supporting SMEs to grow and expand beyond local markets» that will open on the 15th of February 2019.
The Call is targeted to the Programme Priority Axis 1: “A Competitive and Innovative Cross-Border Area” which aims to enhance the competitiveness of SMEs in the Greece-Bulgaria border area(Thematic Objective 03) and contributes to Programme Specific Objective 02 “To improve SME capacity to expand beyond local markets” which aims is to stimulate enterprise growth of new and existing CB area SMEs through the expansion of economic activity to new markets and products.
The intervention focuses on fostering value-added producing capability in enterprises by boosting their product and service development activities through joint economic development actions, preferably oriented towards innovation, to make it possible for them to access new markets.


The total applicable indicative Public Expenditure of the present Call amounts to €10,000,000.00. Public Expenditure consists of €8,500,000.00 of ERDF funds and €1,500,000.00 National Contributions by Greece and Bulgaria.

–  Minimum total eligible investment (per proposal): €300,000.00
–  Maximum total eligible investment (per proposal): €600,000.00

Maximum grant per enterprise (single undertaking) subject to the €200,000.00 over a 3-year rolling period as per de minimis Regulation (EU 1407/2013).


Eligible beneficiaries under this Call are enterprises in the priority productive sectors of the CB area “smart specialization” strategies, namely (as specified by the NACE classification codes):

–  Agro-food industry
–  Waste management for recycling or energy production
–  Renewable energy and energy saving and efficiency
–  Sustainable tourism
–  Health
–  Materials – technology
–  Construction materials
–  Textile industry.

Eligible enterprises must have their main business activity belong to the specified NACE codes before submitting an investment proposal to this Call.

Each eligible potential beneficiary (Lead Beneficiary Enterprise) submitting a project proposal should include in the proposal one other eligible potential beneficiary (Project Beneficiary Enterprise) from the other participating country, with whom – according to Art.12 par 4 in Reg.1299/2013 – the project beneficiary shall cooperate in some capacity for the development and implementation of the proposed investment plan.


The time period for the completion of any investment supported through this Call shall be three (3) years.


All applications will be submitted electronically through the State Aid Information System at www.ependyseis.gr/ (State-Aid operations).
The Call will remain open from 15/02/2019 to 15/04/2019 (14:00h). After this deadline, the electronic system will close and no more applications will be accepted.
All required documentation, which has not been uploaded through the SA MIS, must be submitted (in person or by mail) in hardcopy to the Managing Authority of the Cooperation Programme Interreg V-A Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020 by the deadline (15/04/2019) of this Call.


Consultation will be provided to the potential applicants through Information Days that will be organized in both countries (Greece and Bulgaria). Find more information here.

For information purposes regarding this Call, potential beneficiaries may contact:
– the Joint Secretariat, tel.: +30 2310 469 695, jts_grbg@mou.gr
– the Managing Authority, tel.: +30 2310 469 650,  interreg@mou.gr
– the Bulgarian National Authority, tel.: +359 2 940 5592, na-gr-bg@mrrb.government.bg


For further details on the Call, please refer to the 5th Call Decision and the Direct Assistance Guidelines.

NOTE: The relevant Annexes (ANNEX I_1, ANNEX I_2 and ANNEX I_3) will be available on the Programme’s website the following days.