INTERREG EURO MED – CALL 5 – Thematic Strategic Territorial projects

CALL 5 – Thematic Strategic Territorial projects

This call targets exclusively Thematic Strategic Territorial projects.

These projects should respond to the needs and joint challenges of a specific type of territory addressing identified strategic topics.
Thus, they primarily produce a territorial impact, based on involving all relevant stakeholders to trigger tailor-made solutions or strategies in line with the territory and the topic chosen. Those should be adapted for the targeted type of territory and be able to influence national, regional or local policies by studying (developing), testing and transferring jointly developed solutions or strategies.

For this purpose, thematic strategic Territorial projects shall combine: conducting studies, testing solutions and transferring results.

The call 5 will be carried out in 2 phases: pre-application and full application. 
Only project proposals selected at the end of the pre-application phase will be able to apply to the full application phase.
Opening of the pre-application phase: 18/06/2024 
Closure of the pre-application phase: 26/09/2024