Partner request regarding ERASMUS+ KA2

Dear Friends,


Debi Academy is private school consists of kindergarten, primary and secondary sections and we have students from 6 to 14 years. It is a private body specialized in training and educational areas: languages, sports, culture, environment, quality, new technologies, acting in the field of the public benefit and running a private school including kindergarten, primary, elementary department.


Its mission is: as an educational institution that grounds on school-family collaboration and student-centered approach, in reliance of the basis of qualifications and skills needed in our age in ducational activities, to raise intellectual individuals who are equipped with national and universal values


Its vision is: to become a model school for the 21st Century that will grow up happy individuals, who have highly qualified and leading capacity with “Student-Centered” Approach, based on national and universal values, innovative, rational, principled and scientific methods.



We aim that a student will be able to say;

I can express myself.

I can do presentations.

I can develop projects.

I can do teamwork.

I can deal with problems.

I have the quality of speed reading and understanding.

I can speak foreign languages.

I have the quality of analytical thinking.

I can do research.

I learn history.

I can design.

I can use technology.

I can develop technology.


The priorities are: supporting social, informative, cultural, scientific and educational activities for children   in order to develop democracy, science, culture and arts, supporting development in terms of active community life, science and cultured, reinforcing cooperation with European countries in accordance with the above-mentioned objectives.


The school implements its objectives by: initiating and supporting research and informative programs, scholarships and sponsoring projects, exchange programs, theatre performances, exhibitions, authors΄ meetings, lectures, magazines, journals, books, picture books, records, sporting annual events, expeditions, courses and trainings.


We would like to take part in your projects as a partner. If you have any projects, we’ll be happy to take part as a partner as school or as a company.


Also, we are planning to apply as coordinator for some projects. If you want to take part as a partner please fill in the form on


Best Regards


Burak Burakgazi



Private Debi Akademi Primary/Secondary School