Invitation for Erasmus+ Collaboration (Universum College)

Dear Ms/Mr.


I am contacting you to inquire about the possibility of being considered for Erasmus+ Capacity Building Projects (K2)Credit Mobility Projects (K1)and Internship Opportunities which your respective institution might be planning for this upcoming cycle.

To help you decide if you would like to discuss this opportunity further, I am including some background information about our college.

Universum College (UC) is considered to be a leading higher education institution in Kosovo, accredited by the Kosovo Agency of Accreditation and evaluated by international experts. It is renowned for its academic background, research, facilities, the international profile of its programs, faculty and student body. UC is ranked in the Eduniversal Top 1000 Business Schools in the World as the only Business School from Kosovo. It has around 3000 students in all the departments, and a staff of 65 academic and 25 professional individuals working together to deliver the strategic objectives set forth by the Board of Trustees. UC is also known for:

– top 20 MA in Management in the South East Europe by Eduniversal.

– being a Kosovo institution with the highest rate of international relations.

– having staff members (more than 90%) who completed their education in some of the best universities in the world.

– having the most KA2 Erasmus+ collaborations in Kosovo.

The list of past and current projects:

  1. CRETE (Oct 2018 – Sept 2021) Innovative Teaching Education in Mathematics.
  2. MSc (Oct 2018 – Sept 2021) MSc in Sustainable Food Production Systems.
  3. VITA (Oct 2018 – Sept 2021) Enhancing and Validating service related competences in versatile learning environments in Western Balkan Universities.
  4. REBUS (Oct 2016-present)-Ready for Business:  Integrating and validating practical entrepreneurship skills in engineering and ICT studies. 12 University partners.
  5. CONSUS (Nov 2014 Nov 2016)-Connecting Science-Society for Sustainability Innovative Collaboration hosted by BOKU Vienna University. 11 Universities partners (3 from EU member states).
  6. Tempus Projects: Supporting and Developing the Structures for Quality Assurance at the Private Higher Education Institutions in Kosovo.
  7. Tempus Projects: Encouraging the Process of Curriculum Development based on Learning Outcomes and Research Guided Teaching at the Private Higher Education Institutions in Kosovo

For more information about the projects involved and our activity please check Universum College Profile attached to this email.

Our institution strives for excellence in fulfilling its central and primary purposes of teaching, and research. At UC you can definitely find a group of exceptionally hard-working people who are highly motivated and qualified to undertake new tasks and are eager to solve any challenges that come along. Even though Kosovo is a small country, 70% of its population consists of people who are under the age of 30. Kosovo remains a country with the youngest people in Europe, who apart from being hard-workers are well known for offering hospitality, entertainment and lifelong friendships for international visitors.

Following are the main advantages that Kosovo offers:


We would love to have you as our partners. Therefore, we would appreciate your willingness to cooperate with us. If there is any collaboration opportunity please reach us using the contact details provided below.




Erasmus + Projects Office
Universum College


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