New call for proposals: Capacity Building in the field of higher education 2020

The announcement of the Erasmus+ Call for Proposals 2019 – EAC/A02/2019 was published on 05/11/2019 in the Official Journal No 2019/C 373/06 in all official languages of the European Union.

What is new in the 2020 Call for the CBHE action?
  1. Syria is not allowed to participate in Structural Projects
  2. Region 8 – Latin America: Organisations from Chile and Uruguay are eligible as full partners in proposals addressing Region 8, Latin America, but not as applicant or coordinating institution
  3. New cross-cutting priority on climate change In line with the policy framework and priorities set by the European Commission for Erasmus+, a new cross-cutting priority on climate has been introduced. Under this priority, special attention will be given to projects addressing “climate change prevention, adaption and mitigation strategies
  4. New element in the template for the “Detailed description of the project”:

    In accordance with the Financial Regulation of the EU, grants cannot be awarded retroactively. This means that activities covered by the grant can only be implemented and costs incurred as from the date on which the last party has signed the grant agreement. As it might not in all cases be possible to sign the grant agreement for a selected proposal before the start date indicated in the application, the project planning should ideally cater for this possibility. For cases where the work plan does not allow for the necessary flexibility and/or where some activities must start on a particular date in the very early phase of the proposed action, applicants will have to provide a justification. The justification should explain the reasons why the activities in question cannot be postponed if the contract is not signed by 15 November 2020 or 15 January 2021 and need to take place on the foreseen date

  5. The template for the Detailed Budget of the action has been updated to reflect recent changes
  6. A new model for the Declaration on Honour has been provided and must be used to comply with the new financial regulations of the European Union. The template is available in the CBHE funding section of the EACEA website.


Please note

A fair, equal and transparent assessment of applications will only be possible if they are submitted using the latest template versions published for the current call for proposals. For this reason, only applications using the latest templates provided for this call can be admitted and are eligible.

Any application using earlier versions of the mentioned templates will hence be excluded.


Indicative timetable

Publication of the call for proposals

5 November 2019

Evaluation period and consultation the EU Delegations in the Partner Countries

February-June 2020

Information of applicants

August 2020

Signing of grant agreements

as of October 2020

Start date of the CBHE project

15 November 2020 or

15 January 2021